Delta Air's designer uniforms take flight in May – are they more function than fashion?

Zac Posen, the designer who has seen a whole host of stars flaunt his creations down the red carpet and who even has Michelle Obama, the former first lady, on the list, has now turned his attention to a project a little more, practical.

Out with the gowns and in with the straight cut suits and silk ties, Posen has created a series of uniforms for Delta Airlines.

Now 60,000 staff around the world will be kitted out in his creations rather than only those that can afford him.

This will be the first time in 10 years that the US airline has introduced a new dress code.

Whether they are yet to be the most ‘stylish’ is still to be decided as the uniforms will be released later in the year.

To gauge the functionality of the workwear, Zac spent time shadowing the Delta airline crew.

From flight assisting to working with the ground teams, he clocked in with over 1,000 Delta staff trying and testing each design.

According to the Delta News Hub, the uniforms were altered and changed more than 165 times before the final designs were signed off.

“Delta stands out from the competition because of our unparalleled customer service, and that’s what we look for when partnering with other brands,” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Delta Director of Uniforms.

“We couldn’t be happier about the role Delta people played in getting these uniforms right,” Dimbiloglu added.

“When we started this journey almost three years ago, we committed to leveraging employee feedback in every aspect of the new uniform program. And, when the Zac Posen team came on board, they were excited for the chance to create something that transforms the brand and incorporates thoughtful touches and changes from the very people who wear the uniforms every day.”

Whilst sticking to the formality of a uniform such as those worn by cabin crew members, Delta explains that the new uniform fuses bold colour palettes with classic style whilst sticking true to the iconic design that has been worn by Delta employees for decades.

The female cabin crew will all sport a variety of plum whilst the male flight attendants will wear three-piece suits in graphite with plum detailing.

This is a shift away from their iconic bright red uniforms – although this colour scheme won’t be sidelined completely.

The new uniforms will take to the skies from the 29 May 2018 with Zac’s “passport plum” taking to the skies.

Although the uniforms don’t quite square up to his usual A-lister designs, the Delta crew will make quite the impression when walking through the departures lounge.

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